Assistance with your CDM responsibilities

Whether you work as a Principal Contractor or as a subcontractor to others, QS Associates have a CDM support package to help you work safely on site.

Construction worker on site

Construction Phase Health and Safety Plans – we can provide you with a template, or assist you in writing a simple, effective plan, that will help you to manage safety for the duration of your project. Our experience as CDM Coordinators means we know what works well in a plan.

Risk Assessments and Method Statements – from a one-off document for repair work, to a comprehensive package that will allow you to produce bespoke RAMS for each project with a minimum of effort, we will work with you to develop the ideal solution for your construction business.

Accident Investigation – By promptly investigating the circumstances of an accident or serious near-miss, we can help to prevent the same issue recurring. One of our experienced consultants can lead the investigation for you, or guide you through the investigation process.

Site Visits – An experienced consultant will visit your site and provide effective, practical advice on how to improve safety. We focus on the bigger picture, and we know that a safe site means the work gets done sooner.

Safety Audits – We can carry out a full and wide-ranging audit of all aspects of your site work, including management. We will then give you a comprehensive report, with straightforward conclusions and recommendations.

Other Services – We can help you with any queries you have over CDM or general site safety. Contact us for a discussion with one of our experienced consultants.