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Pre-Sale Questions

How do I know you're competent?

All consultants are members of IOSH (the institute of Occupational Safety and Health) or APS (the Association for Project Safety). We’ve all had our competence checked. CVs are available on request.

Why do we need health and safety advice?

The Management of Health and Safety at work Regulations say you need to appoint a competent person. We can act as your competent person or we can provide additional advice to your competent person.

Is support included?

This depends on the package you purchase from us. We will always make it clear what is and what isn’t included. If you haven’t included support why not try posting on our forums for some advice?

Can I switch plans?

Depending what you have purchased it is possible to upgrade or downgrade in the next year. we’ll always try and work with you to make sure the support or service we’re providing is exactly what you need.

Why do I need a CDMC?

The Construction (design and Management) regulations 2007 require a CDM Coordinator to be appointed where a project is over 30 days or 500 person days. The CDMC will make sure all necessary safety information is provided to your Principle contractor and assist with production of the health and safety file at the end of the project. If we’re appointed we will usually carry out safety audits through the project, to make sure everything’s running smoothly.

If you don’t appoint a CDMC and something goes wrong, HSE will look to the client and the architect.

How do I know what I'll be getting?

We will send you a quote detailing what we’ll be doing. Please read carefully – if we’ve missed something off, or it’s not quite what you expect please contact us before giving us your acceptance.

I can't see what I need on your website

Contact us! We don’t list everything on the website – we’ve tried to keep it concise – so drop us an email and we’ll get back to you. If we can’t do what you need, we’ll say so and hopefully recommend someone who can.

How much will it cost?

Our prices will vary depending on what you require. We put together quotes for our services based on your requirements, so it’s difficult to give fixed prices.

General Questions

Why do I need a health and safety policy?

Because the law requires it, where you have more than 5 employees. The level of detail in the policy should be proportionate to the nature of your business, the risk involved, and the number of activities you carry out.

Do I need risk assessments?

This is where it gets complicated. For organisations with less than 5 employees technically you don’t need to record them (but you must still do them) – but where your activities involve some kind of risk, we’d recommend recording them no matter how many employees you have. Otherwise, how can you prove you’ve done them?

For everyone else – you need only record the significant risks. Pages and pages of insignificant risks will help no-one. Make sure you tell people (employees, visitors and anyone who could be affected) about these risks.

What is CHAS / Safecontractor etc?

CHAS, Safecontractor and other schemes are what is called prequalification schemes.

I thought health and safety was going away?

Although the emphasis is on reducing the burden, the regulations are all still there and should be complied with.

Is support included?

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