Your fire risk assessment

All businesses in the UK who own or lease premises must complete a fire risk assessment. QS Associates can help you complete yours.

Fire risk assessment - Smoke detectors in Ceiling

There are a number of reasons for completing a fire risk assessment:

Legal compliance: The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 makes it compulsary to complete an assessment. Increasingly large fines are being handed out for non-completion. Having a fire authority certificate is not sufficient to comply with the regulations.

An assessment of risk to people and property: The risk assessment will consider what the risks are to your staff and to property, and consider ways of mitigating any significant risk.

A review of your existing measures: The assessment will look at measures you have already taken, and assess the adequacy of them.

We will issue you with an easy-to-follow report, and take the time to go through our findings and recommendations, so you understand exactly what needs to be done.

If further remedial works are recommended, we can help you to identify people to carry out the work quickly and competently.

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